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Impact Wall is taking kids and teenage parties to a new level of excellence. With new games, parents can choose party themes with the right choices for your child. With skilled staff who coordinate and entertain no matter what the age. With full air conditioning and total privacy, we can organise the perfect party for up to 80 kids. With two hours free parking for you and your guests, this is a luxury venue at a competitive price and interactive entertainment means no long wait times or bored kids. 



The first of its kind in Sydney. The Impact Wall allows scores of kids to play at once. All games and skill levels are age appropriate and we carefully supervise the group to understand the dynamic so everyone has the best possible time. We believe a child's party is an occasion they will never forget, so why to make it special and unique. 

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3 - 6 year olds

This is the best new venue for 3 to 6 year olds with options to theme the room and age appropriate games on the new impact wall which they will love. Our state of the art disco has UV and laser lights and we get the right mix between game play on the wall and fun games with the party entertainer. Since the venue is private, parents do not need to worry about making sure everyone is safe and happy. 

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6 - 8 year olds

For older boys and girls we split them into three colour coded teams for a series of cool sports and gaming challenges. The birthday boy or girl is the centre captain. The sports include basketball and soccer. For older kids we have a new zombie game (nerf guns optional) and sniper game which is fully interactive. Girls can request more disco. We have (VR) Virtual Reality which is an optional extra. We use a ticketing system which is offered to guests who score amazing goals or do the best or worst dance moves. It just creates added drama and fun to the party. 

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9 - 14 YEAR OLDS

We offer the interactive wall with a more advanced hoops and penalty kick challenge. Zombie invasion game, nerf gun challenges. More disco for girls if they want. Games suit both boys and girls and are highly competitive, dramatic and fun. We also do Bar Mitzvah and older teen private parties.  (VR) Virtual Reality is an optional extra and guests win tickets to play it during the party. 

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