Once they turn 6 - 9, we split them into three teams. The birthday boy or girl is centre captain and they compete for points. Some of these games are skill, some luck, so it always evens out and though the scores make it dramatic we are always mindful of the occasion and keeping the party fun. We can custom each party so if they are into sport we do more basketball and soccer or if they are into gaming, more asteroids or dancing, more disco. Parents just need to show up, we take care of everything except the party bags and the cake. With air conditioning, your own kitchen, friendly staff we have it totally covered. At the end of each party the birthday boy or girl gets a free go on the VR. 

Ring 1300 56 56 05 for information or email us on info@impactwall.com.au

For older kids either boys or girls and the dynamic is usually more competitive. We offer the interactive wall with a more advanced hoops and penalty kick challenge. Zombie invasion game and fortnite dance challenges always prove a hit. Games suit both boys and girls and more disco is optional. We also do Bar Mitzvah and older teen private parties.  (VR) Virtual Reality is hugely popular with this age group. We use Vive HTC which is considered the premium VR experience, far more powerful than playstation VR.