How long is the party? 1 hour 45 minutes but you can custom a party for longer. 

What happens at the beginning? Kids arrive into disco. After 10 minutes they are placed into colour coded teams

Can I decorate the space?  Yes

Is the VR essential for a party? No, the Impact Wall is interactive, the VR is aimed more at older kids or special large parties that require multiple attractions. 

Can I bring in my own food and drink? Yes.

When do they break for food?  About 40 minutes after the start time

Can I have food delivered? Yes the address is Building 220, EQ, 116 Lang Road, Moore Park. We also offer a kids menu.

Is parking free?  Yes for 2 hours for you and your guests up to 6pm. After 6pm is a flat fee of $7 for the night. 

Do we validate our ticket? Yes we validate for 2 hours if $25 Event Parking is on. 

When do we cut the cake?  At the end of the party

Do we share the party with others? No, it is exclusive to you and your guests. 

Can we have smash cakes or pinatas ? Yes.  

Do we have to use the ice cream factory? No, you can bring in any cake you want. 

What about allergies? We have no nut based products in the venue, also check with your guests for allergies when bringing food in or read our terms and conditions. 

Can we bring in Kosher? Of course, whatever foods you like. 

Do you have rain cover and air con? Yes

Can we change the format?  Yes, if you want more dance or sport we alter accordingly. 

When do guests arrive?  At the allotted time only.

When do the hosts arrive? 15 minutes before the allotted time.

What food is in your package? Watermelon, Vege or Jam Sandwiches, Doritos, Water, Juice.

Do you offer others catering? Yes

Do you take care of the plates, cutlery and rubbish? Yes. 

Who looks after the party activities?  Two members of our staff.