We offer a free complimentary side dish of watermelon, vegemite/jam sandwiches and doritos. Parents can also bring in their own food.


We provide a high quality kids and adults menu that is simple, high on quality, offends no taste buds and arrives fresh and hot at exactly the time we break for food. You must order from us 24 hours in advance. 

Kids Menu

Kids Hot Dog and chips

$9 per plate

Chicken Nugget and chips

$9 per plate                                     

Kids Burger and chips

$12 per plate



Adults Menu

Beef Ragu and side salad


Home made ragu sauce, pasta and side salad. Simply delicious and guaranteed to impress. 

Feeds 20. $180

Savoury Bakes

Middle Eastern Spinach Pie, with side salad
Cheese & Onion quiche, with side salad

Feeds 20. $150



If you want pizza we recommend ordering from Dominos Redfern 8575 6220 and Arthurs Paddington 9332 2220.  Please note most pizza operators open after 11am and we play no role in ordering or collecting pizza. Be warned on numerous occasions the pizzas can arrive late.