Bar Mitzvah's

 We hear the same complaints over and over, the party was boring and I ended up with my friends on our iphones all night. At Impact Wall each Bar Mitzvah should be unique to the thirteen year old celebrating it. Firstly the night needs a structure, it needs hooks to keep everyone happy and full of expectation. Not easy when you have Bar Mitzvah veterans who have seen it all before. We have two great devices, virtual reality and the Impact Wall. One is immersive, one is interactive. Of course we have the cool disco setting, the lolly bars but what the teens want is a unique gaming experience. Better still gaming which wins you prizes. We believe these hooks make a night and keep everyone on their toes. 


The night usually breaks down into the following:

Meet and greet

Guests join red, green or blue teams

Everyone plays interactice basketball and the winning team selects 4 to commence the VR.

Introduction to the 4 VR stations incl the VR car simulator.  3 stations play either walk the plank on a high rise building or later compete for highest points on Beat Saber. 

Show the spot prizes for the night. 

First dance challenge, two best dancers and worst dancers win VR tickets. 

Geek challenge, where each team fields best matematicians for a counting game.

Break for dinner. 

Penalty Kick challenge against a simulated goalkeeper.

Lolly Bar opens.

Karaoke contest for more VR tickets. Best and worst singers chosen.

Impact Zombie game that everyone plays, with colours competed against each other. 

Disco dancing challenge.

Fortnight dancing challenge.

Video compliation for guest of honour.

Announce winners of VR games and prizes.

Disco wraps up party.